Friday, August 31, 2012

Simple Driftwood Sculptures

I love to gather driftwood when I visit the coast. It's a free, light weight sculpture medium with loads of character. All you need is:

wire or string of some durable sort
a drill
extra beads, shells, stones if desired

For this one on the right, I put 2 little pearls of different colors between the sticks. I generally always use copper wire just because I like how it looks. Even the really thin stuff holds up in a Montana winter. 

This one used up all my sticks with elbows and twists. I love the way they intersect and intentionally left out the spacer beads.

Look for fun bottom pieces when you are gathering. Note the beautiful grain on this one.

I used a nice curved piece for the top on this one.
The drilled holes are in the middle and allow the individual sticks to move. They find their own happy place that way. If you drill two holes and use two wires you can make them line up as you wish.

Flat pieces are fun to piece together, too. Add a few odd shapes in for interest
Have fun gathering wood and sculpting!

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