Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Do-It-Yourself Garden Art

Here are more ideas. Have fun creating!

 The metal frame was a Goodwill find. It is actually an ugly wall hanging but turned over had the perfect little concave side for a tile project. I used scrap tile and numbers from Jo-Anns. After grouting i sealed the whole thing with a spray-on clear enamel.

 A yard sale frame and house numbes from various places that I gather up second hand. There is a wire grid for suporting the numbers. I ahve been adding to this for ten or so years.

Old drawers and new paint make nice tables.

Mushrooms from candlesticks and lids/bowls.

 My new favorite thing. This old light fixture was already green and it made me think of the garden. I cut out the wiring and glued in solar lights. It is fabulous at night.

 This is a Goodwill table. I screwed a plastic picture frame, the cheap box shaped kind, onto the underneath side with L brackets, filled it with soil and poked succulents down in. I drilled some drain holes on the bottom. I positioned the brackets so the plastic part slides out.Will it survive a Montana winter???

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